Thursday, September 29, 2011

Inane Janeane Garofalo (Photoshop)

Inane Janeane Who Is Insane
Inane Janeane who is insane, continues her quest to become the most notorious string puppet in the leftist army of mentally deficient morons.

Pull the string on the back of the neck of Inane Janeane Who Is A Pain, and you will always get the same word:  raaaaaacism, raaaaaaaacism, raaaaaacism!  She's at it again this week, regurgitating what passes for thought on the left.

Insane Janeane is a pinhead, a far-fetched caricature of the most extreme radical kook.  Without people like her, the facial studs industry would have gone broke long ago, tattoo parlors would all have closed, and the green hair dye industry would have folded.

Thank you Inane Janeane, for reminding us of just how worthless Hollyweird really is.  Now we understand why you fit in there so well.

Oh, and just for the record:  We Tea-Partiers may not like vicious, lying, leftwing lesbian skanks, but that doesn't mean we are anti-woman.  We may not like mocha-colored communists, but that doesn't mean we hate blacks.  It only seems that way to radical pinheads like Janeane.

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