Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More Shocking Information About Giuliano Mignini, Prosecutor of Amanda Knox

I am reading "The Monster of Perugia: the Framing of Amanda Knox" by Mark Waterbury. Waterbury discusses Mignini's past and it is quite revealing. Before Mignini framed Amanda Knox, he prosecuted 21 defendants for being part of a "Satanic cult" that "murdered" a doctor, Francesco Narducci. Actually, Narducci drowned in a lake, either an accident or suicide, but Mignini was convinced, based on absolutely nothing but his imagination (and that of a soothsayer that he consulted), that Narducci was part of a Satanic cult responsible for the serial killings of the "Monster of Florence" case, and that he had been killed by the sect because he had become a security risk.

All 21 of the defendants were acquitted over an eight year period, after having their lives almost ruined and after incurring huge legal expenses, all because of Mignini's fantasy that was unsupported by any evidence or facts. I think this indicates that Prosecutor Mignini has a difficult time differentiating fantasy from reality.  It also makes it clear that his accusation that Amanda Knox took part in the murder of Meredith Kercher (as part of a "sex game gone wrong") is typical of Mignini's dark imaginings.  There was never any evidence to support this fantasy.   It did not happen.

Why the Italians have allowed Mignini to continue as a prosecutor is incredible. He should be removed from office so he cannot wreck any more innocent lives.

And while we are at it, perhaps our ambassador in Italy can discuss reparations from the Italian government, to reimburse the Knox family for the huge legal expenses that have eaten away at the family fortune for the past four years.  


michellesings said...

Great Article. I think an outcry against this corrupt prosecutor needs to stop. Thanks for spreading the word. :)

Anonymous said...

How this has occurred in a modern Western European democracy is beyond explanation. The summations of the prosecutors and civil lawyers in the Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito trial was nothing more than an orgy of absolutely vicious name calling in an effort to bully the court into believing Amanda and Raffaele are murderers without any solid, sound evidence in support of the prosecution's fantasy.

hate mignini said...

ban italy never buy italian kick mignini hard and kick him OUT