Friday, September 02, 2011

Obama's Planned Jobs Speech Upstaged by GOP; Obama Peeved

Obama announced a presidential speech on job creation, but scheduled it for the same night of a televised Republican debate.  When informed that Republicans would not be present at his speech, Obama had to reschedule.  Now he's all mad and stuff.  Awww!

Obama giving a speech on job creation seems odd.  Maybe we can have a fox give a speech on how to protect chickens in hen houses.  Or perhaps we could schedule a bear to give a speech on vegetarianism.  Obama, the anti-job master of disaster, cannot give any speech on job creation that is credible, unless it consists of two words:  "I resign!"

Of course, Obama's planned speech is more about his re-election than it is about jobs.  The Big O is hoping to recapture some of that 2008 magic where a majority of voters saw him as some kind of Shaman, a being of light who spoke profound truths and was to be believed no matter how absurd or ambiguous his claims.  Now even liberals have recognized that the Magical O's Golden Oratory was an illusion borne of self-deception and fantasy.  His speeches now fool few and may even further harm his shrinking chances for re-election.  As one former believer states:
But here's the other observation: Not only isn't Obama the gifted TV performer he seemed to be during the 2008 campaign, TV is now one of his worst enemies.

My first fuzzy notion of this idea came while I watched Obama address the nation after the debt ceiling compromise with its crackpot, kick-the-can centerpiece of a so-called Super Committee. Obama had performed pitifully during the crisis, and yet, here he was on TV thinking he could spin the economic embarrassment as "Good President Battles Bad Congress" or Responsible Adult reins in Mean, Selfish Children."

But as I looked at the screen, I couldn't help thinking how diminished Obama looked and how thin his voice sounded. I wondered if there actually was something happening physically with him.
Meanwhile, the White House has announced that unemployment will remain persistently high through 2012, so why bother with a jobs speech? Probably so Obama can justify a new round of crazy, high spending and deficit expansion. Reckless spending may not create jobs, but it does buy votes from the underclass.


Always On Watch said...

Hmmmm....Is his charisma fading?

I'm smiling.

Always On Watch said...

From the excerpt in the post:

I wondered if there actually was something happening physically with him.

I've speculated as to what might be happening. No proof, but my gut instinct is usually correct.

pjm said...

Your gut instinct... Please! So your gut says the President has a cocaine habit, and this magical gut of yours is usually right.

Give me a freakin break!

This is why we are in such a mess.... we have people such as you on one end of the spectrum, and then those that think Obama is their savior on the other end. Between the two of you we have a god damn idiot convention!

Working on Wall Street for the last decade plus, I have seen my fair share of coke habits. And before that having myself partaken in many of recreational drugs .... I can tell you my "gut instinct" is Obama is not smoking rock in the Oval Office.

The stresses of the job have gotten to him. We have seen one President after another age rather sharply while in office. This is not a 9-5 job.... and certainly we are in some trying times. It's a job I wouldn't wish on my worse enemy.

We don't have to agree with the President; but when one makes such a classless speculative statement, I can only shake my head in disgust. And what is really disgusting is that you are a teacher, and you have access to young minds. Between the Marxists and the types of you, the next generation is toast!

Stogie said...

pjm, AOW has admitted her suspicions are speculation, but they seem entirely possible to me.

Also, I see no need to be so insulting to AOW, who is a blogger of some repute.

I have long suspected that you are a liberal who poses as a conservative here, for whatever reason I do not understand. Practice, perhaps? I also suspect that you are somehow associated with Ema Not-My-Name. Are you the good cop and Ema the bad cop?

Just asking.

pjm said...

This is long... but I find it insulting that one calls me a liberal because I don't agree with a purely speculative statement by a Housewife/Teacher in Virginia.

Come on Stogie... have you known anyone with a drug addiction? Do you think one could honestly handle the rigors of the Presidency, while balancing a drug addiction. It's a stupid speculative statement by AOW... and prefacing it as speculative, doesn't make it any less idiotic.

There are a hundred anti-Obama statements one can make.... but when one goes the direction of AOW it makes the discussion an eye roller.

I am definitely not a liberal.... but I am not a new breed conservative. I voted Reagan... Perot... and Ron Paul. In between didn't find any candidate worthy of my vote. I am, and always will be a fiscal conservative. I believe if you want prosperity, you grow the economy, through private enterprise. I lean Socially Liberal; as long as it doesn't cost money. I was baptized Catholic, but have zero Religious following, thus I don't have hangups with others lifestyle choices.

I am anti-Big Gov't, anti-Big Corporations, and anti-Big Religion. I have spent 15 years in the financial industry... trading derivatives. Many of those years I have been a Sole -Prop... meaning I am my own boss. I have watched the Big Boys (Big Banks) come into the markets and completely manipulate them for their advantage. They have used their power to rewrite the rules, and thus added an unhealthy amount of volatility into the marketplace.

Of course, I realize our Banking system and it's ability to lend capital is what has set us apart from the rest of the world for decades. But I have a problem with Goldman Sachs (an investment bank), receiving TARP funds and then buying Treasuries with them. (This is a Big Gov't issue, though the Big Bank manipulated their way into the funding). So, they get free money from the taxpayers, and then turn around and invest in Gov't Debt and get paid for that by the taxpayers.. A zero risk trade!!!! I have a problem with Goldman warehousing a large supply of Aluminum, and then using this to taken advantage of the commodities markets. I have a large problem with every scam CitiBank has perpetuated on the markets (to numerous to list) over the last decade. The market has become a place for arbitragers to play in the sun.... the technology is so lightening fast, that traders can make fortunes by taking advantage of momentary inefficiencies of the market. The market was at one point about raising capital for businesses, that would in turn put people to work, who then would spend and pay taxes.... a glorious cycle. Now it's about speculation, and turning over paper to make obscene amounts of money. The levels of volatility, are a traders paradise.... and an investors nightmare.

pjm said...

I am sure you have seen this rant by Dylan Ratigan..... I love it! I know he is on MNBC... and I don't agree with everything he has said. But I watched him when he was on CNBC, and I met him years ago in SF at the Bloomberg offices. He is one of the few talking heads out there that actually understands trading... and for that he has my respect.

Stogie said...

The fact that AOW is a housewife is not relevant to your argument. Also, Obama has used drugs in the past so it isn't idiotic to speculate whether he has returned to them, especially since even liberals have observed a change in his behavior.

pjm said...

I forgot the link.

I used drugs in the past.... but you reach a certain stature in your life where you don't go back to the things that you did in your younger years. Bush Jr. had some run ins with cocaine, but once again I would never think that means he would of resumed it 20 years later. It's not the way things work.

The guys is burnt out.... his plan isn't working. Obama is a conciliator... and the Republicans have stopped him at every point. He is not a leader.... and I think it's very difficult for him to realize the level of his failures.

My point is simple.... if you want to take back the White House then argue on the basis of the real shortcomings of the President. To throw out Cocaine Addiction just makes one look like a "crazy", and will not help meet the goal of defeating Obama.

If you are going to argue then argue. Speculation is not arguing. Obama is still a favorite to win (difficult to defeat an incumbent).... and the 30% in the middle will ultimately decide the election. Start throwing out cocaine addiction etc., and this guy will get another 4 years. Start pointing out his real economic policy shortcomings, and giving a better alternative and there can be a change.

Stogie said...

pjm, I seriously doubt that AOW voicing her suspicions will have any great impact on the coming election.

pjm said...

Her voice alone.... no.

I live in the SF Bay Area, there are lots of Obama supporters, and also a good amount of independent voters. If i approach a conversation with "Obama is a Socialist", I will not get anywhere. But if I begin pointing out flaws in Obama's plan, and why it will fail, I have a chance to change a mind, and quite possibly a vote.

If the goal of her blog is to get like minded people to agree with her, then that shouldn't be that hard to do. But if one wants to have an open and honest conversation where ideas are shared, and opinions are melded then that takes a little more of a effort.

I just think over the top speculative statements is a waste of everyone's time. And when I hear such a statement, I personally stop listening.

Obama ran a brilliant grassroots campaign. Showing that campaigns can gain momentum from the small efforts of many. There was a buzz surrounding him. He spoke of change and hope. It's all BS... but in a national campaign getting out a message to the masses is very difficult. One can go only so far with bashing the opponent.... it comes down to getting people to believe in you.

I think the blogging community can be a very important tool in the election of a Republican candidate.... but it will take much more than calling Obama a Socialist or Coke Addict. It involves sending a message that there is truly a better way.

Carpe Diem !

Stogie said...


I think you overstate Obama's chances for reelection. Although it isn't a good idea to be overconfident, Obama's performance has been so awful that the election is ours to lose.

Anonymous said...

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