Monday, July 27, 2009

The Biker Priest and a Harley Named Elvis

My eldest son "Dooj" is staying with me for a few weeks. He rode all the way from Seattle on his Harley-Davidson motorcycle, one that he got at auction and restored himself. It's a Road King and its official Harley color is Black Cherry. Dooj named the bike Elvis.Add Image
Also in town is my brother in law from the Philippines, who is a Catholic Priest. Dooj and the priest hit it off and Dooj posed the priest on Elvis, but insisted that the priest wear the do-rag. At right is the result: Bad-Ass Biker Priest.

The priest then took out his little red book of blessings, thumbed to the Harley section and blessed the bike, sprinkling holy water over it as he did so.

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