Saturday, July 04, 2009

A Response to Right Wing Nut House

Right Wing Nuthouse posted what seems to me a Pollyanna piece today, called "C'mon America, Snap Out of It!" The piece frosted me. The writer scolds all of the Americans who are depressed about the country's future, in light of Obama's radical changes now underway, and gives what I think is a rather annoying pep-talk.

Here are some expamples of their post:
Holy Christ people! Are you saying that you don’t have the same will to succeed as the guys who leveled mountains, bridged mighty rivers, and threw thousands of miles of steel across a continent to connect us by rail? Do you seriously believe that the spirit that animated personalities like Washington, Lincoln, King, and Reagan is lost, that Obama killed it?
No, we aren't saying that. What we are saying is that many of us are out of jobs, our pension plans eroded and future prospects bleak because some far-left community organizer with big ears and an even bigger ego is destroying the economy. He is incurring massive amounts of debt unheard of in our history, for no purpose and for no good, is nationalizing some majory industries, like health care, banking and auto manufacturing, and by his own admisstion, causing energy prices to skyrocket. He is seriously limiting the economic future and opportunties for all of us.

We are saying that though we may recover and reverse Obama's idiocy, it will be a long, costly and painful process, and our lives will be harder even so. Sappy pep talks like the one above don't do anything to improve the situation, and they really irritate people who are out of work and struggling with hard reality.
Speak for yourselves. Don’t count me in with those who throw up their hands in despair and whine about Obama being a communist (he’s not) or even a socialist (he’s not - he’s a liberal) and that he wants to use illegal aliens to build a permanent Democratic majority. The challenges posed by an Obama presidency are normal political challenges, not a reason to start a war or revolution except in our own minds.
Okay, we won't include you because you have obviously lost your grip on reality and are assuming that empty platitudes are what is needed to free us from our current distress.

Obama is definitely a socialist, which goes beyond liberal; or did you not read about the nationalizing of the auto industry? Cap and trade is merely a wealth redistribution scheme, a form of disguised socialism masquerading as environmentalism. The challenges posed by the Obama presidency are NOT normal political challenges, but radical changes that seek to remake America into a European style socialism. In the process, it will greatly increase the tax burden, rewrite the 2nd amendment, take charge of the census, and assure an uninterrupted supply of socialist Democrats for a long time to come.

Personally, if the Obamization of this country cannot be reversed, I would opt for secession of the red states, or at least an organized resistance by those states and a refusal to go along with unconstitutional laws now on the drawing board. The great people you refer to in the first quote above didn't face adversity armed with platitudes; they ACTED.
Obama cannot alter the America that lives in our minds and hearts. In the end, each of us defines America in our own way and we imbue that vision with our own experiences, our own worldview. Try as he might, that America is safe as long as we keep it alive with our words and deeds.
What a load of Pollyanna crap. So if I am being taxed to death, all I need to do is imagine America as I would like it to be, keeping it safe in my own mind, and forget external reality? Should I smoke some dope to facilitate the process?
Interfering with the free market will not destroy America. Cutting defense spending will not destroy America. Cap and trade may grievously hurt the economy but it won’t destroy America. National Health Insurance may change our relationship with government but it will not destroy America.
Whether or not these asinine policies "destroy America" isn't the point. What they will do is destroy jobs, prosperity and much individual liberty. They will funamentally change America into something I don't want it to be. We have a lot of misery to face in the near term, and frankly, I'd rather not. Sure, after a decade or two of economic misery, the American people may get wise and throw out these inept bastards, but in the meantime, we all will suffer.

Interfering with the free market is exactly what brought us the current recession, the worst of my lifetime, and I am not young. Interfering with the free market will deepen and prolong the recession and murder a lot more jobs. So you admit that Cap and Trade may "grievously hurt the economy" [which is half dead already]? So is your little speech supposed to make us feel better about this? Will it pay our mortgages, fill our gas tanks, reduce our tax burdens?

Cutting defense spending won't destroy America, but Iran and North Korea and Al-Qaeda will be emboldened to commit aggression against our friends and allies and possibly drag us into another war. National health insurance will not destroy America, just the quality and availability of health care for most people. As has been demonstrated so well by Canada and the U.K., nationalized health care is a disaster.

"But America will not be destroyed by it." Did you ever consider the fact that America is being destroyed a little at a time, bit by bit, law by law, in a dance of "death by a thousand cuts"?

In short, we can give rah-rah speeches until we pass out, but that doesn't change the grim future we have, compliments of Barack Obama and the Party of Treason. Silly posts like the one from Right Wing Nut House do nothing to change that and only serve to piss off grouches like me.

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