Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Must Read: The Destruction of Sarah Palin

Bill Whittle of PJTV and the blog "Eject Eject Eject" has a great article on the Left's planned destruction of Sarah Palin. You can read it or watch Bill's video.
Bill says what I have said on this blog several times: the Left files bogus ethics complaints against Palin for two reasons: (1) to destroy her financially through the huge legal fees needed to defend herself and (2) to poison the well of public opinion with an implication of wrong-doing. If every time you hear Palin on the news channel and hear "ethics charges" mentioned in the same sentence, your subconscious will pick up the intended message. It is really dirty politics, but that's what the Left is all about.

Whittle says that we must begin employing the same tactics against the Left as a form of retaliation. I reluctantly agree. It goes against the grain for most conservatives to resort to dirty fighting, but the Machiavellian Dems allow us no other options. We must give them full measure of what they have given to us.

Perhaps our first Fight Back strategy is to identify Democratic politicians in the state of Alaska for targeting with bogus ethics complaints. Our Alaskan operatives can file complaints on the lack of ethics in their neckties, or for wearing plaid, thereby violating fashion ethics. Any Dems who have dyed their hair to hide the gray could be targeted for lack of ethics in personal grooming. We could state that the Dem politicians have attempted to enrich themselves through their political offices...by accepting salaries. All of our complaints will be quickly denied and thrown out, but not until the Dems have incurred substantial legal fees. Whoops, there goes Junior's college fund or mom's retirement account. Oh well.

Of course, we don't have the leftwing mainstream media to assist in the effort, like the Associated Press, who falsely reported Palin was guilty of the last ethics charge, filed about a week ago.

Nevertheless, we will do our best. Hope you Alaskan Democrats have your checkbooks ready; your attorneys will be needing retainers soon.

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