Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Democrats Steal Another Election: Al Franken Defeats Democracy

The Wall Street Journal nails it in the recent Minnesota Senatorial election that has been successfully stolen by the Democrats:

This is now the second time Republicans have been beaten in this kind of legal street fight. In 2004, Dino Rossi was ahead in the election-night count for Washington Governor against Democrat Christine Gregoire. Ms. Gregoire's team demanded the right to rifle through a list of provisional votes that hadn't been counted, setting off a hunt for "new" Gregoire votes. By the third recount, she'd discovered enough to win. This was the model for the Franken team.

Mr. Franken now goes to the Senate having effectively stolen an election. If the GOP hopes to avoid repeats, it should learn from Minnesota that modern elections don't end when voters cast their ballots. They only end after the lawyers count them.

Moral: there is nothing "Democratic" about the "Democratic" Party. They are in it to win power by any means necessary or possible.

Read the whole thing here.

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