Friday, July 10, 2009

Vector Art: Digital Drawing of Sarah Palin

I spent most of the day drawing this in Xara X, a vector graphics drawing program.
I just wanted to draw something difficult in order to hone my digital art skills.

Feel free to use it as you see fit.

I understand that the Democrats filed the 18th frivolous ethics complaint against Palin today. They are determined to bankrupt her family and torture her as long as she's a possible candidate for office. Whatever the ethics monitoring procedures are in Alaska, they need to be seriously reconsidered. Immoral people seek to derail Democracy without cost or recourse to them. This is classic Saul Alinsky: using the system to destroy the system.

I will never vote for Mitt Romney again (and I did vote for him in the primaries); nor will I vote for Huckabee. I will vote for Palin or Jim DeMint if he happens to run. All the rest of the Republican establishment can go straight to hell.

Hmm, Palin-DeMint in 2012. I like the sound of that.

Update: I used Photoshop to make the hair more realistic.

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