Sunday, July 19, 2009

Jim Robinson is Right

The Free Republic post that Rick Moran and Charles Johnson find so disagreeable is here.

Jim Robinson, the founder of, is not a friend of mine. I have had my issues with him and have stated categorically that I consider the man an asshole. However, on the topic of his post I would have to say that he is right. Right in assuming that the radical left administration now in power is beyond the scope of normal politics and normal solutions through normal channels.

I too have called for steps by the individual states to resist the tyrannies now being foisted upon us in the name of socialism and environmental extremism. Robinson is merely posing some possible alternatives to just sitting still and accepting the extreme hardships that Obama has in store for us. It is a discussion worth having. Yes, we can wait four years until a new election, but much damage will have been done by then, to the Republic and to future generations who will have to pay for the fiscal catastrophe that this neo-Marxist is busily implementing.

If we do nothing, the economic destruction will be devastating, creating a new depression similar to the 1930's, with poverty and misery our lot for many years to come. We have to decide whether "politics as usual" is worth that price.

I don't necessarily believe that Robinson's solution is the correct one or the only one, but it is a starting point for a discussion worth having. My own solution would include a convention of all willing states to form a pact or block that would actively resist socialist tyranny by a flat refusal to go along. Representatives of these states should state that they will not implement or allow implementation within their borders of socialized medicine, cap and trade taxation or the reckless creation of debt that is unprecedented in our history. Further, they will not honor as binding law any unconstitutional decrees by a dogmatically leftist and activist Supreme Court (such as, for example, any decrees stating that the 2nd Amendment does not apply to individuals, a position that Obama has long held).

How all of this could be accomplished is something that would have to be worked out by a conference of the willing states. Secession should not be ruled out as an option to be used only in an extreme situation. "Consent of the governed" is the foundation of our Republic and perhaps it is time to withdraw our consent. Such a movement would indeed create a lot of controversy but the implications of it might be enough to stop Obama's aggressive program. The Democratic Party might grow some gonads and join us in stopping him.

Yes, Obama won the election; however, the Constitution is supposed to create boundaries beyond which elected officials cannot go. Obama and his administration do not feel in any way obligated to respect those boundaries. Therefore, we are put into a position of accepting serfdom or finding new ways to peacefully resist.

Jim Robinson is right: we need a serious conversation about our alternatives.

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