Friday, July 03, 2009

Sarah Palin Won't Seek a Second Term

Sarah Palin issued a formal announcement from her home in Wasilla, Alaska a half an hour ago. The tape from that announcement has not yet been released to major news outlets, but CNN is reporting that Governor Palin of Alaska will not seek re-election next year.
This is bound to be disheartening to her many supporters in Alaska.

Sarah Palin has been savaged by members of the McCain election team since McCain's loss in the presidential election last year. Observers say the McCain campaign staff seeks to avoid responsibility for the loss by blaming it on Sarah Palin. Other Republicans have piled on, including Jonah Goldberg who published a public "Letter to Sarah Palin" today, admonishing her for political mistakes and offering advice on what to do differently.

More as the situation develops....

Update: CNN is now reporting that Sarah Palin will step down as governor by the end of the month, transferring power to Lt. Governor Sean Parnell.

Does this mean that Sarah Palin is giving up her political career? Or does it mean that she is preparing to run for President in 2012? If the latter, it seems a bit early for that. Palin's motivations are not yet clear.

Update 2: I saw the tape on CNN. Palin stated that she did not want to be a lame duck governor, and wanted to take her fight for Alaska in a different direction. She feels she can do more for the state outside of the office of the governor. Palin stated that she didn't want to disappoint her supporters, but asked them to trust her decision. Palin mentioned the recent, vicious Photshops of her infant son, Trig Palin, as one of many of her motivations. No doubt this will give renewed enthusiasm to the Vicious Left and encourage more of the same.

What will Sarah Palin do now for Alaska, America and the Republican Party? The answer to this question is yet to be determined.

Update 3: Michelle Malkin has reported that Palin's brother, Chuck Heath, says the constant attacks on Sarah Palin have weighed on her and that she could not govern effectively while having to constantly defend herself from attacks. Palin has been the target of 15 ethics complaints, all resolved in her favor, that indicate the Democrats seek other than argument, persuasion and democracy to achieve their political aims. They fight very dirty and are very ruthless and dishonest. Democrats believe that "politics is war by other means" and their sabotage of Sarah Palin will only encourage more of the same.

I don't know about you, but I plan to fight back.

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