Monday, July 06, 2009

Finally, a Carbon-Free Environment!

An old saying goes "Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it."
No Pasaran ran this cartoon to illustrate the stupidity of liberal meddling in the private sector; this one illustrates the move to ban smoking from bars and other establishments.

The same principle applies to "low carbon footprint" schemes to combat non-existent global warming. The thousands of business buildings now sitting dark and vacant, no doubt, have a very low carbon footprint.

I'm reading a book called "Green Hell" (by Steven Milloy -- see link at bottom of page) that describes the aims, goals and schemes of the luddite environmentalists ("the Greens"). Indeed, the Greens are almost as crazy and damaging to humanity as were "the Reds" whose shoes they seek to fill.

Milloy shows how the Greens not only oppose oil and gas energy, they also oppose natural gas, nuclear energy and even solar and windmill energy. They oppose energy, period. Their true goals are to reduce the population and roll back modernity. He writes:
...greens don't really want to increase our energy supply--whether with fossil fuels or renewable energy--because that would undermine virtually all of the greens' ultimate goals: zero population growth, limiting the development of physical infrastructure, impeding economic growth, and redistributing wealth.
The Greens are just another crazy totalitarian ideology that is ultimately anti-human; they should be fought vigorously. Milloy indicates that the so-called Sierra Club is one of the major enemies of low cost energy. It is they who most frequently file lawsuits to stop the building of new oil refineries, coal plants, offshore drilling, and nuclear power plants. The next time you fill up at $4 a gallon, thank the Sierra Club.

On the other hand, if you are a believer in manmade global warming and the benefits of living green, you may feel ecstatic when you find yourself sitting in the dark because you can no longer pay your electric bill. At least you can say, loudly and with enthusiasm: "It's working!"

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