Tuesday, July 07, 2009

A Great French Blog: Serum de Liberte

I like to read French blogs to improve my understanding of the French language. I even have a special section in the left sidebar, "Favorite French Blogs." I would like to bring one of them to your attention today, Serum de Liberte [pronounced "Say-rum de Liber-tay"] ("liberty medicine").

Note: Serum can also mean the blood fluid in which the red blood cells are suspended; for purposes of my illustration, I have assumed the medicine metaphor.

I have been increasingly impressed with the output of this pro-American, French blog. If this blog were all in English, it would soon be a top blog in America -- it's that good. I learn a lot of facts and read a lot of stories that most other blogs miss; the author obviously is very interested in American politics and constantly digs for new information.

If you link to pro-American foreign blogs, please do include Serum de Liberte in your blog roll. And visit it often! It will give you ideas on topics to write about and often posts great cartoons. Encourage our foreign friends by leaving comments to their posts (you can leave them in English).

Not all of Serum de Liberte is in French (if you want to polish your French, it's great for that) -- a lot of it is also in English.

Give this modern Marquis de Lafayette the benefit of your support and your friendship.

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