Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Henry Waxman: Fun With Photoshop

The wireless is still working for now, but I am confined to my upstairs office while they install new flooring below. I watched two South Park cartoons on my laptop and, still bored, decided to practice some Photoshopping.
I found a photo of Henry Waxman that I intended to savage, but figured I need to remove the microphone first, which blocked part of his face. See the before and after on the left.

Below is the same Photoshop with some artistic rendering applied. On the left the rendering is called "Poster Edges" and on the right "Dry Brush."

If you need help with a Photoshop project let me know. I have nothing much else to do these days as there are no jobs in sight; blogging, bass practice, reading and Photoshop are the contents of my day.

And finally, we erase the background and fill it with a nice light blue, then use Photoshop to exaggerate and distort Waxman's features to transform him into a caricature. To make it look more like art, I used the "Poster Edges" filter to finish it off. However, this caricature is probably too over the top: he looks like one of the zombies in "Night of the Living Dead." (Oh no, he'll eat our brains!) See above post for a better caricature.

Use as you see fit.

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