Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mentally Ill Blogger Charles Johnson Hides Shrinking Numbers of New Members

Yesterday I was browsing the cached copy of Little Green Footballs (see my prior entry on how to do this) and noticed that Crackpot Charley had briefly opened the door for new members (called "hatchlings") to sign up.

Crackpot Charley used to post an invitation for new sign-ups, then close the window after 20 minutes or so.  He would then post something like this:  "126 new hatchlings in 22 minutes."

I notice that he is no longer revealing the number of new hatchlings.  Is that because there are so FEW nowadays, Charley?

Continue the ban on this hateful, lying jerk.  Don't read his blog directly or link to him.  If you have to read his blog, use the cache method.  Google Reader may also be an option.  In any case, use a method that does not increase the M.I. Blogger's hit count, Google or Alexa rank.  If you have to link to one of his articles (e.g. to refute it), link to the cached copy to avoid sending CC any traffic.

Let's keep Charley's Google rankings on a downward trend!  

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