Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Note to Black Conservatives

I have noted, with happiness and satisfaction, the growing number of blacks who identify themselves and who blog as conservatives.  Since blacks and other minorities have long been a Democrat constituency, the left is concerned about it.   This is one of the reasons that they seek to categorize all Republican and conservative thought as somehow based on racism, white supremacy and race hatred.

Don't be fooled by these obnoxious phonies.  They don't mind keeping the black/white divide in full operation, with all its racial mistrust and suspicion.  The idea is to drive into the minds of black people, with constant repetition, their racial message to, at the very least, sow seeds of doubt.  Racial healing is bad for the Democrats; it must not be allowed to succeed, or they lose one of their primary bogey men.  The Rude News blog this week put it this way:  "The Race Card -- don't be a liberal without it."

Why do the Democrats do this?  Simple.  They don't have any strong counter arguments in support of socialism and appeasement, high taxes and huge government.  So they resort to slander.

If they can plant the seeds of doubt in your mind about your newly-chosen political loyalties, they will have won.  If you stay at home on election day they will have accomplished what they sought out to do.  Don't buy their race-baiting crap.  They are not your friends.

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