Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Chat with Robert Stacy McCain About Charles Johnson

Stacy McCain called me last night and we chatted about Charles Johnson's slander campaign.  Stacy wasn't as concerned about it as I was.  He has been slandered before, as have most other conservative authors, pundits and politicians.  The smear of "RAAAAACISM" (note it always must be spelled with 5 A's) has become the Left's automatic response to every question and controversy.  Rush Limbaugh has covered the topic today in his article "Desperate Liberals Cry Racism."

Slander has long been a major weapon of the Left.  Ann Coulter wrote a book about it.  Now that Charles Johnson has moved left, his blogging has become increasingly slanderous.  One of his targets is Robert Spencer, a scholar of Islamic studies who runs Jihad Watch.  Spencer has aptly described Charles Johnson as a "libel blogger."  Someone needs to sue Charley's ass off and make an example of him.

Through Stacy's blog "The Other McCain" I have met some interesting conservatives whom I consider friends:  Clifton of Another Black Conservative; Cynthia Yockey, a Conservative Lesbian; and Left Coast Rebel, a fellow Californian.  All of these people think of R.S. McCain as a mentor, a leader and a friend.  McCain's crowd is a pretty diverse lot.  I guess they didn't get the memo from Charles Johnson about McCain's "bigotry."

Image:  Charles Johnson is famous for banning hundreds of his registered members for frivolous reasons.  He sits at his keyboard all day hitting the delete button.  Now you have the chance to give back to Charley.  Copy the above graphic and post it to your blog or website.  Let it go viral.  Ban Charles Johnson as he has banned so many others.  DON'T READ OR LINK TO LITTLE GREEN FOOTBALLS.

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