Tuesday, September 01, 2009

George Will, Effete Snob, False Conservative

George Will has long struck me as a reluctant conservative, if conservative at all. He seems to be one of the country club Republicans. They see the GOP not as a national political party but rather as a private club for snobs and elitists. They are happy to pontificate from atop Mount Olympus to the swarming masses below, safe from any actual contact with the dirty peasantry. I've always wondered if Will's bright red bowtie twirls like helicopter blades when no one is looking, and if so, will it fly him up and away? One can only hope.

Today George Weak Will has come out with a column calling for a complete ground withdrawal from Afghanistan, in effect, declaring the war lost and just getting out.

William Kristol disagrees with Will. He writes:
But let’s be honest. Will is not calling on the United States to accept a moderate degree of success in Afghanistan, and simply to stop short of some overly ambitious goal. Will is urging retreat, and accepting defeat.
I think R.S. McCain of The Other McCain has the right idea about George Will. He writes:
"The Air Force should load George Will and David Brooks into a C-130 and airdrop them, sans parachute, on a Taliban position in Afghanistan. They're useless as intellectuals, but perhaps they'll do some good as ordnance."
-- Robert Stacy McCain, Nov. 10, 2008
Via: The Washington Post

Update: Also see Kathryn Jean Lopez's "A Loss of Will" at the Corner (quoting Pete Wehner).

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MM from Georgia said...

Will advised Republicans in Jan. to forget defeating Obama, that he was a cinch to win reelection and to concentrate on winning the Senate instead. Will values his position as the media's "acceptable" token conservative. Mitt ignored Will's worthless advice and ran anyway; and should win the election. Will is almost as useless as Juan Williams.