Saturday, September 12, 2009

America Flips Obama the Bird: Mass Tea Party Convincingly Rejects Obamunism

Donald Douglas has extensive coverage of the nation flipping Obama the bird in D.C. today.  The crowd estimate is now around 2 million.  After only six months in office Obama has managed to piss off more Americans than at any time previous in our history.

The truth is:
  • He's incompetent
  • He's anti-American
  • He's a communist
  • He is doing extensive damage to the nation, economically, militarily and every way else
Barack Obama should resign and step down.  Unfortunately, I don't think our Founding Fathers foresaw a situation where the people would elect a flaming incompetent.  Impeachment is for high crimes and misdemeanors but, as far as I know, there is no provision for impeachment for incompetence, no matter how brazen.

Are you beginning to understand why I and Walter Williams believe in the right of secession?

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