Friday, September 25, 2009

Clifton's Friend Mary Baker Appears on Glenn Beck Show

One of my best blogging buddies is Clifton of Another Black Conservative.  One of his friends and linked allies is Mary Baker, a black woman and fellow conservative who blogs at this link.  Mary describes herself this way:
I am a mother of 7 children, six of whom are grown and one I am currently homeschooling. I blog because the world needs to hear the voices of those who are conservative in the blogsphere. As Conservatives, we must stop allowing liberals to have command of public opinion in America and around the world. We must make our voices and opinions known. I love to talk about the events in our world from a Christian or conservative prospective. We hold a very distinct view from our liberal counterparts and must compassionately and effectively present those distinctions to the masses.
Earlier this month Mary had a post that was published at American Thinker called "Why I am no longer an African American."  Eschewing ethnic identity politics, Mary decided she was just an American.  Period.

Today Mary appeared on the Glenn Beck show on national television.  The subject of the Glenn Beck show was to discuss the concerns of Tea Party (9/12 Project) moms.  The show was interrupted by Obama's speech from the G20 summit, but not before Mary was invited to speak by Glenn Beck.  She did a fine job and looked great on national television, too.

The show had Glenn Beck talking to a roomful of women.  He joked that the show looked more like the Oprah Winfrey show than the Glenn Beck show.  There were several other black moms in the group besides Mary.  The black conservative movement continues to grow.

Congratulations to Mary Baker for her success as a blogger and for her appearance on the Glenn Beck show.  We will try to embed the Fox video when it is available.

UPDATE: Here's the video; Mary appears at exactly 8:00 minutes in.

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