Saturday, September 12, 2009

An Email from Sons of Confederate Veterans to Saber Point

I received this email from Ben Sewell, Executive Director of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, regarding my previous post.  He writes:
You did an exceptional job with this rebuttal.  Apparently, the Keith Olbermann show on MSNBC last night created a lot of today's hostility when he said Joe Wilson was an SCV member, supporter of the flag and the SCV was "a bunch of right wing racists."  I have a link to it if you are interested.  See it here.
He makes his reference to the SCV around minute 7:00 +
It turns out that Joe is a nickname for Representative Wilson, and he is a dues-delinquent member of the SCV.
I have gotten five or six hate emails today after not having received hardly any in the past year or so.  None of these people has any training in American history, most do not sign their names and just hurl profanity-laced epithets.  It makes my job feel very worthwhile.
Ben Sewell, Executive Director, Sons of Confederate Veterans

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