Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Atlanta Burglars Caught On Tape

An Atlanta couple have their Broyles Street home thoroughly wired for video. A year ago they taped several burglars breaking into their home; the perps were subsequently caught and prosecuted. This past Friday a new group has broken in and have been videotaped in the act. This method of crime detection is highly interesting to me; I will think about a similar system.

Watch the video of the burglary below. You can see the faces of the perpetrators fairly clearly and someone out there in Atlanta will recognize them. If so, call the Atlanta Police and report them.

Here's what the homeowners say about the case:
Broken into again Friday Aug 28, 2009 5:20pm in Grant Park, Atlanta. Driving a black Nissan Armada w the rear passenger hubcap missing. Pay attention at 3:43, notice them throwing a barstool at our dog.
The last guys got caught bc of youtube, let's do it again. Spread this video. Get their faces out there. Call Atlanta Zone 3 Police with info: 404 624 0674, or 911.

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