Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mainstream Media Hysterics Indicative of Someone Who's Losing and Knows It -- In Spite of Their Favorable Polls

Legal Insurrection has called the bias and hysterical tone of the mainstream media (the MSM)  "so far beyond bad it's almost indescribable."  Indeed, the mainstream media, long in the tank for Obama, seem to be having some sort of nervous breakdown.

This past week Right Scoop learned that MSM reporters discussed among themselves what to ask Romney at a press conference, coordinating their questions for maximum embarrassment of the Republican candidate (or so they hoped).  The coordinated line of questioning was something along the lines of, "Are you sorry for your reckless and damaging statements about the President's handling of the [unavoidable and unforseeable] Libyan tragedy?"  And "When do you plan to resign in disgrace because of it?"

In an earlier post today I listed the MSM headlines about Romney's critique that show extreme bias in an attempt to spin the debacle as somehow more damaging to Romney than to Obama's ineptitude in foreseeing and avoiding the contingency (he is said to have had 48 hours advance warning, but did nothing).

But why the hysteria if Obama is so far ahead in the polls?  Is it because the polls are fake, and the MSM knows it?  Is Obama headed towards an electoral wipe out in November?

That possibility is put forth in an American Spectator article called The Problem With Obama's Polls.  Every winning Republican presidential candidate from Ronald Reagan forward has been behind in the polls, usually by a significant number, but who then went on to win by a significant percentage over their Democrat opponent.  

Democrats faking polls would appear to be nothing new.  I suspect, however, that the MSM knows the real numbers are not quite so rosy for the Democrats.  If so, that would explain a lot about the MSM's recent loony behavior.

Update:  William L. Gensert at the American Thinker believes Obama will lose in a landslide, and tells why he thinks so.  Read The Empty Chair Is Losing.

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