Monday, September 24, 2012

Politico: Romney Takes 14 Point Lead Among Middle Class

Politico, a very Democrat-loving website, has conducted its own poll (just what we need, another poll) and claims that Romney has taken a big lead over Obama with the middle class.

Politico says the race will remain close until the last two weeks of the campaign, but that the dynamics are already in place for a Romney win.  Read the article here.

There's another website worth your attention, and it is This is a site that attempts to remove the skew in political polls due to oversampling of Democrats, undersampling of Republicans and Independents, as well as correcting unrealistic predictions of voter turnout. The site claims that, when the skew is removed, the polls indicate a Romney route of Obama. Let's hope these unskewed polls are real, and not just another skew in the opposite direction. Still, worth your consideration if you are feeling down about the polls.

Right now, I am feeling quite optimistic about Romney's chances for election.  As the author of says, don't join "the Legion of Gloom."  Don't blog about how the GOP is doomed and Obama is unstoppable.  Not only is that meme unlikely and untrue, it does nothing but depress and demoralize our base.

Romney is winning this election.


LD Jackson said...

Oh, how I hope you are right. I do wonder if Romney isn't doing much better than we are being told. I would like to see the internal numbers being gathered by the two campaigns. They could be very telling in the story they could share with us peons.

pjm said...

I found this interesting; California voted Republican in the Presidential Election from 1952 through 1988, except for 1964 (LBJ).