Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pamela Geller Schools Erin Burnett of CNN on the Meaning of Jihad

Pamela Geller of the blog Atlas Shrugs has been fighting in San Francisco and New York to have her anti-jihadi ads approved for the bus systems there.  Anti-semitic and pro-Muslim ads are accepted, but Geller's ads were rejected.  Pamela sued both cities and won the right to run the ads.

Lawrence Auster comments on this important victory at View From the Right:
A victory for truth

Pamela Geller has won her fight to post the following advertisement on New York City subways and buses:

In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat jihad.

The first sentence is a paraphrase of something once said by Ayn Rand. We discussed the battle over the same ad in San Francisco mass transit here.

Geller’s attorney in these important court cases is David Yerushalmi, who was one of the speakers at Geller’s conference last week.
 The Other McCain has run a video of Geller being interviewed by Erin Burnett of CNN on the controversy. Burnett is an infuriating, liberal tool, and like most useful idiots, she runs interference for evil, all while posing as a pillar of wisdom, morality and rectitude.  Burnett's attitude seems particularly asinine, considering all the Muslim violence that has been directed at the west since 911, including the murder of our ambassador to Libya only last week.  But what's more important, really -- whether Erin Burnett gets invited to the next snobby liberal cocktail party, or whether more Israelis, Americans and others are murdered by Islamic jihad?  Ah, those of us who know the ethical and moral depth of liberalism don't even have to ask.


patriotfan said...

erin burnett was ineffective when she was with cnbc. nothing has changed - o k maybe she's gotten worse!

Stogie Chomper said...

She certainly tries hard to advance the liberal agenda, however. Thanks for commenting!

Anonymous said...

Why is Burnett still considered a journalist ? She is annoying and condescending.