Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Slick Willy's Speech to the Democrat Convention

I listened to Bill Clinton's speech to the DNC, and it was very well delivered.  The man is a master speaker, whatever else you may say about him.  I have no doubt that his speech will fire up the base and return many disillusioned Democrats to the fold.  His speech will almost certainly give Obama some positive bounce in the polls.

Clinton was less than honest, but you have to expect that.  His assertion that Republicans "left Obama a huge mess, and now they want to fire him for not finishing the clean-up and put them back in" was very slick.  What he didn't say was that it was his administration that is most guilty for the melt-down, as it was his administration that began suing mortgage companies and banks to force them to make bad mortgage loans, leading to the bubble and the resulting crash.  Nor did he mention that Barack Obama contributed directly to the meltdown by suing Citibank in Chicago to force them to make bad loans to blacks in that city, the great majority of which have now gone bust.

His derisive comments about Romney not allowing "fact checkers" to influence his campaign was another slick piece of legerdemain.  The "fact-checkers" have been widely shown to be partisan propagandists whose "facts" are not facts at all, but merely partisan spin.

If Bill has relegated us to four more years of economic stagnation, it will be yet another accomplishment in his dubious resume.

We will need to analyze his speech in the week ahead and do a little fact-checking of our own.