Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Polls Show America Carrying Obama to Victory on the Shoulders of Admiring Throngs

Some more polls are out showing that Obama has already won the election by acclamation, and there is really no need of a vote anymore. Romney should simply give his concession speech now (why wait til the last minute?), then go home and count his millions.

The New York Times/Quinnipiac/CBS poll shows Obama now leading Romney in the key swing states Ohio and Florida by ten points and nine points, respectively.

 Don't believe it. The New York Times and CBS are completely in the tank for Obama and the Democrat Party, and with the ethics of the left, are not above skewing polls with dishonest or unrealistic sampling techniques.

Rush Limbaugh today said the poll badly over samples Democrats and under samples independents. He also said this poll was shown to be highly inaccurate in 2008, where it finished around 15th in accuracy.

 Could it be that the folks in Ohio and Florida have suddenly started loving poverty, $4 a gallon gas, skyrocketing food prices, bankrupting federal deficits and continuing high unemployment? I doubt it.

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