Friday, September 14, 2012

Emerging Evidence Shows "Innocence of Muslims" Film Not the Cause of Ongoing Attacks on US Embassies

A number of pundits, including Rush Limbaugh, have stated that the film "Innocence of Muslims" is not the cause of the recent and ongoing attacks on our embassies in the middle east and now Africa.  The Obama administration is merely using that film as a scapegoat for its own foreign policy failures.

See American Power for more information:
Don't Blame 'Innocence of Muslims' — Worldwide Islamic Protests Burn From Anti-Americanism and Global Jihad

Some are reporting that the attacks were coordinated to happen on the anniversary of 911 and were revenge for recent drone killings of Islamic terrorist leaders.  This seems entirely plausible.

The revenge angle was also for our liquidation of Osama Bin Laden (may he rot in Hell), as many of the protestors were yelling "Obama, we are all Osamas."  Apparently, Obama's use of Osama's death as a campaign slogan angered the Muslims, i.e., "Osama Bin Laden is Dead and GM is Alive."

If it is true that "the radicals are all Osamas," that's okay with me.  We can feed them all to the fishes.


ema nymton said...


"If it is true that "the radicals are all Osamas," that's okay with me." And you cannot help yourself in wanting to believe such a lie; can you?

Partial list of Embassies that were attacked prior to the Obama administration. Did USA go to war, declare war, or bomb
any of the following locations?

Jan 22, 2002 Calcutta
Jun 14, 2002 Karachi
Oct 12, 2002 Denpasar
Feb 28, 2003 Islamabad
Jun 30, 2004 Tashkent
Dec 6, 2004 Jeddah
March 2, 2006 Karachi
Sept 12, 2006 Damascus
Jan 12, 2007 Athens
March 18, 2008 Sana’a
July 9, 2008, Istanbul
Sept 17, 2008 Sana’a

Some people cannot resist allowing themselves being played for as fools by Murdoch Media/Fox Networks, can you?

Ema Nymton

Stogie Chomper said...

Ema, you dumb jackass. The radicals themselves were chanting "Obama, we are all Osamas." It is their statement, not mine. If they are "all Osamas," that would imply that they are all dedicated to attacking the United States and killing Americans, and therefore they become worthy targets for our guns and missiles. As for all of the embassies you list above, they are hardly comparable to the dozens that were attacked on 9/11/2012, all in a SINGLE DAY, because of Obama's incompetent leadership and his failure to heed warnings or supply sufficient security (Marines guarding the Egypt embassy were not even allowed to have bullets for their guns). As for "going to war" and bombing, I did not advocate that. (You lefties are good at refuting what conservatives didn't say, aren't you?) What I do advocate is (1) getting out of the Islamic world completely, or as much as possible, including Iraq and Afghanistan, (2) separating ourselves from them, containing them within their sphere and not permitting them to invade ours, e.g. through immigration into the West, and (3) attaining energy independence so we no longer have to rely on them for oil or pay them billions of dollars annually, which they then use to finance terrorism.

Get a life. You're really good at parroting some talking points and slogans that you copied and pasted from some leftist propaganda site, but not good at all at actual critical thinking.

As for Fox News, they are the best news service in existence; they don't slant the news, or omit news that is disadvantageous to Democrat political goals, and you lefties hate them, not because they are biased, but because they are not. Try embracing REALITY at some point Ema. Reality is just what is, not what you want it to be, and it will not change based on how well you can slant, lie and parrot mindless leftwing slogans.

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