Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Another Hollywood Has-Been For Obama: Madonna

Ah, by their supporters ye shall know them.  Madonna, a shock and sleaze performer and alleged singer, has come out for Obama.  This week this aging has-been went into a profanity-laced rant about how wonderful it is to have "a black Muslim in the White House" and how everybody better damn well vote for Obama.

Madonna apparently threatened the public with severe punishment should we fail to vote for the "Black Muslim," i.e. that she will strip naked in public if Obama fails to be re-elected.  In spite of that threat, many plan to vote for Romney and take their chances.

In the picture herein, Madonna simulated suicide to a London audience by putting a gun to her head.  Obviously, she isn't content to off herself (symbolically speaking), but wishes to take Obama with her.

Never fear, Madonna, mistress of mediocrity, boring bearer of banality, talent-less tutor of tasteless twaddle,  dubious diva of the deaf and dumb, passé proprietress of pugnacious prattle:  Obama doesn't need your help.  He can fail completely on his own.

Correction:  My bad.  Madonna has promised to strip naked IF Obama is re-elected.  I thought her promise was an obvious threat to force us to vote for Obama, but the deluded diva seems to think this awful eventuality would be a reward, not a punishment.


bartendercabbie said...

She used to be cool (so I thought) when I was a young buck. Now she is just an ole trollop

Cheap Tickets said...

i love revolver ...