Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Scene: Christmas Tree and Fireplace (Photoshop)

I must be bored.  I Photoshop a lot when I'm bored.

Here's another Christmas scene, of a closeup of a decorated Christmas tree, with fireplace and sleeping cat in the background.  Use freely anyway you like.

To make the tree, I collected various photos of pine tree branches off the web, used the background eraser tool to create a transparent image, then bunched the branches together to make the tree.

I created the round glass decorations from Photoshop, tried to put a reflection into the ornaments with a bit of shine.  I also created the silvery tinsel icicles using Photoshop; the effect is so-so.  (UPDATE:  I improved the realism of the icicles using filters to "crinkle" them - now they more closely resemble the tinfoil ones you buy in stores.)  Trees without a bit of tinsel always seemed somewhat bare to me.

Then I hung a couple of candy canes and an angel (all from the web) onto the branches, and added some lights (also from the web).  I put a little background glow behind the lights.

Finally, a fireplace and a sleeping cat to finish it off.

I do Photoshops for the fun of it, but also to continually learn new techniques.  And now I am somewhat less bored than when I started.


Always On Watch said...

I hope that you stay bored for a while so as to create more of these!

Stogie Chomper said...

Thanks AOW. This is what I do when there aren't any elections coming up!