Sunday, November 25, 2012

Christmas Scene (Photoshop): Candle, Table & Dog

I like doing Photoshops of holiday scenes.  Here's a Christmas candle, decorated with pine branches, in front of a window looking out on a snowy evening.  Pooch is sleeping beneath the table.

All images were unrelated and taken off the web, then combined to create the scene.  The candle was created in Photoshop, as was the snow.

Use it freely anyway you like.

Click on pic to see it full size.

1 comment:

Always On Watch said...

Nice work!

I'll be republishing "Cameo and the Christmas Tree" this year -- along with the graphic that you created for me last year.

I'd like one with Amber, too, I think. First, however, I need to fetch from my camera some recent pictures of Amber. There might even be one of her all curled up and sleeping.