Thursday, November 15, 2012

Gov Rick Perry Refuses to Set Up Obamacare Health Insurance Exchange in Texas!

Another red state governor, Rick Perry of Texas, has refused to set up a heath insurance exchange required by Obamacare.  Technically, the [misnamed] Affordable Care Act allows the Federal Government to do it if the states will not.  So it is not clear how this refusal will affect the implementation of this execrable act.

I am hoping that these red states will block ALL implementation of Obamacare, essentially nullifying the law and preventing its taking effect.

Read about it here.


Adrienne said...

Idaho is trying to set up some kind of exchange that's supposed to be a "non-profit." They're making a big mistake. Refusing to set up exchanges doesn't nullify the law. Instead, it will make it collapse under its own weight. .

Kurt Silverfiddle said...

This action won't block it. It just makes the federal government do it themselves. The whole idea of "letting the states" set up their own exchange is kinda like "letting" a person build their own gallows before hanging them.

Always On Watch said...

What will the federal government do in the case of the red states' refusal to implement ObamaCare? I can't imagine that the feds are going to let that kind of thing slide.

Meanwhile, some of the smaller and quite specialized health insurance companies are shutting down on January 1, 2013. All those people with all their assets at stake if a catastrophic illness strikes.

The situation is so hideous -- thanks to the re-election of Barack Hussein Obama.

Always On Watch said...

It will be "Hello, single payer system." Such has been the goal all along, IMO.