Saturday, November 17, 2012

SMASH ANONYMOUS (twitter feed #anonymous)

"Anonymous" is an international network of anarchist computer hackers who hate western civilization, capitalism and Israel.  Like most leftists, they instinctively side with whatever evil exists in the world and oppose justice and the rule of law.  In short, they are cyber criminals who, like any organized crime syndicate, must be taken down.

Currently, this loosely-knit group have targeted the State of Israel, opposing Israel's defensive efforts against unending warfare directed against it by Hamas and other followers of the anti-Semitic death cult known as Islam.

For conservatives, "Anonymous" is a natural enemy and we should oppose it vigorously.  We need to develop our own computer hacker force, not to create crime, but to uncover it.  We must constantly track and trace this evil force, identify its members, methods and websites, and bring them to justice.

I have created the above graphic, "Smash Anonymous."  Feel free to use it on your blogs and websites.

"Anonymous" has a slogan.  It goes:

We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

To which I reply:

Anonymous:  You are scum.  You are criminals.  Expect a counter thrust.  We are coming for you.  Expect us.

Note:  A related hacker group, similar to Anonymous, was known as LulzSec.  It was started by the top hackers in Anonymous and can be viewed as merely another arm of same.  It was taken down by authorities after an indicted member revealed the identities of the other members in a plea deal. Although difficult, it is not impossible to track, identify and prosecute criminal hackers.  It has been done and the efforts to identify these criminals are increasingly effective.


Kurt Silverfiddle said...

They are also very dispersed and free-lance, so it is virtually impossible to smash them. So long as there are unemployed computer nerds living in parents' basements, there will be Anonymous.

Stogie Chomper said...

Why so defeatist? Put enough of them in jail and you will deter the rest. Also, we can learn their techniques and tactics and how to stop them, with better cyber defenses. We might even take down some of their websites, like 4chan and Encyclopedia Dramatica and give them a taste of their own medicine.

Anonymous said...

You are a blind nationalist whom obviously has no idea what Anonymous stands for. Among other things we spread truth and light about a corrupt system and government. A system run by money and profits and completely disregards peoples health and livelihood. This earth is all of ours inheritance we our not only killing our home but we are killing it for the profit of less than 1% of it's inhabitants. This system will fail. It has been failing since it's creation. While some has exorbitant amounts of wealth sitting making them more money to satisfy their greed, people our starving in the streets homeless. We use our veterans to support the national agenda then disregard them completely when they have served their purpose. 1 in 5 vets are homeless. More veterans die now from suicide then from dying in the imperialistic wars they fight. Our government uses false flag operations to fool the American people and continue their pillaging of other countries natural resources. They tyranny will not stand. We are the true freedom fighters. We are Anonymous. We cannot be stopped for we are the 99%. Every time you try and arrest one of us two more will take their place. The people are waking up. Freedom of information allows us illuminate. WE WILL NEVER STOP PROTECTING FREEDOM OF INFORMATION. THIS IS THE PEOPLES LIFEBLOOD AND OUR ONLY DEFENSE AGAINST FASCISTS WHO TRY TO CONTROL AND MANIPULATE. We are world wide. Our logistics allow us to know the truth from the mouths of the people and not from the oppressive propaganda machines spewing lies and deceit. You will regret your words. We do not strike without provocation. We are Love. We are the revolution. You have provoked us. We are all ideologies. We are all around you. You should have expected us.

Anonymous said...

Just for you....and the world.

Anonymous said...


Stogie said...

Your clearly one of those right wing brainwashed morons. You undoubtedly watch fox news 24/7 and believe every piece of filth they spew. Anonymous doesn't hate freedom or capitalism, they hate the opposite of that which just so happens to be your disgustingly corrupt government. I wont waste my time trying to convince you otherwise as rational thought is usually lost on your kind. You cant win a war against a group that anyone can freely join if their beliefs incline them too, with no records of who is or isn't anonymous. You cant win a war against an idea. your only option will be to shut down the internet in which case you have basically admitted defeat. We don't want anarchy, we just want our country back from the people that are destroying it.

cudaman07 said...

many wows
much terrible

Bane said...

Stogie, one click on your Name says everything abut you, your "Followers" (*chuckle*) and your beliefs. Your are a pure Racist, who is against feminism, Gay People and every sort of liberal way of Life.
You are part of a dying Species on this Planet:
Homo Sapiens Sheep.
People are awakening and your babbling wont disturb the Evolution of something much better than your actual dying System.
Turn around beforeits too late for you.
Your System already falls.

deepblue said...

Who promotes war?

* Initiated 15 out of the last 21 U.S. Wars; responsible for 97.884% of U.S. War U.S. Dead (632,924+ U.S. Deaths) since 1832 when the Democrat party was founded
* Initiated 6 of the last 21 U.S. Wars; responsible for 2.12% of U.S. War U.S. Dead (13,928+ U.S. Deaths) since the Republican party was founded in 1861

*** Democrat Wars (15) ***
1832: Black Hawk War - 33 U.S. Dead
1835-42: Seminole War - 1500 U.S. Dead
1846-48: Mexican-American War - 13,283 U.S. Dead
1914-19: Mexican Revolution - 35 U.S. Dead
1915-34: Occupation of Haiti - 146 U.S. Dead
1917-1918: World War I: 116,516 U.S. Dead
1918-19: Northern Russian Expedition - 353 U.S. Dead
1941-45: World War II
- European Theater - 201,708+ U.S. Dead
- Mediterranean Theater - 50,404+ U.S. Dead
- China Burma India Theater - 9,900+ U.S. Dead
- Pacific Theater - 143,378+ U.S. Dead
1950-53: Korean War - 36,574 U.S. Dead
1959-75: Vietnam War - 58,209 U.S. Dead
1979: El Salvador Civil War - 20 U.S. Dead
1980: Iran Hostage Crisis (Operation Eagle Claw) - 8 U.S. Dead
1993: Somalia - 43 U.S. Dead
1994-95: Bosnia - 12 U.S. Dead
1999: Kosovo - 2 U.S. Dead

**** Republican Wars (6) ****

1899 - 1913: Phillipean-American War - 4,234 U.S. Dead
1898: Spanish-American War - 2,446 U.S. Dead
1982-84: Beirut Deployment - 266 U.S. Dead
1990-91 Persian Gulf War I (Operation Desert Storm) - 382 U.S. Dead
2003-10: Persian Gulf War II (Operation Iraqi Freedom) - 4,400+ U.S. Dead
2001-2010: Afghanistan - 2,200+ U.S. Dead

Note: this tally does not include the US Civil War in which the Democrat Party ceceded from the Union to PRESERVE SLAVERY. The deaths attributed to that war range from 650,000 to 850,000 (1 out of 10 US Males of military age - literal decimation) American Servicemen. As even the Democrats themselves will now belatedly admit, the Democrat Party both caused, and was on the WRONG SIDE of this war. When this tally is added to the previous combat deaths, we can observe the following:

Range: 650,000 to 850,000 = 750,000 Average US Servicemen killed.

Democrat Wars: 750,000 deaths + 632,924+ U.S. Deaths
= 1,382,924+ US deaths

Republican Wars: 13,928+ US deaths

Ernest TheGhost Buffington said...

your next stogie chomper

Ernest TheGhost Buffington said...

It has been 2 years, we do not forgive and we never forget!

Ernest TheGhost Buffington said...

The MOB is organized crime and since I happen to know the current crime BOSS of Tampa and so does the CIA and few others, proves it has only changed and re-organized. More intelligent folks seem to have been involved in keeping it alive and well.

The CIA and the MOB killed JFK, tell me some more bullshit!

Walter Jones the ten-term North Carolina Republican emerged as a leading antiwar voice in Congress.

Ernest TheGhost Buffington said...

Ernest Who.. LOL