Friday, November 09, 2012

Why Amnesty for Hispanics Will Not Create More Republicans

Some intelligent writers are getting into the amnesty discussion today.  They agree with other writers discussed here yesterday -- that amnesty for illegal aliens will kill the Republican Party even faster.  Supporting amnesty would be foolish indeed.  The Hispanic question, however, is more than amnesty, we must slow or stop legal Hispanic immigration as well -- for the simple reason that Hispanics overwhelmingly vote for Democrats.

The best essay on the subject comes from Heather McDonald at the Corner,  "Why Hispanics Don't Vote For Republicans."   She quotes statistics showing that Hispanics are not particularly concerned with the amnesty question; they vote for Democrats for other reasons, i.e. "free stuff."

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Also see Mark Levin's commentary, "Why Amnesty is Not the Immigration Answer for Republicans." video embedded below.


Adrienne said...

Let's not forget the immigration of lower IQ and educated people from other parts of the world. The Somalis wreak havoc in Minneapolis and MSM doesn't say a word. It a dirty little secret.

pjm said...

Stogie....This might be the most frightening thing.... In California, the Democrats have the Super Majority in both houses..... and are now Veto Proof.. This is the first time in History.... and is terrifying! I'm sure this influx of Hispanic Voters is part of the reason.

This will turn into a nightmare.... as the "kids" are now guarding the candy story all by themselves. Look for more taxes, I mean "fees"... their way of getting taxes through.

Stogie Chomper said...

pjm, yes, California will now self-destruct with increasing speed. Businesses, professionals and skilled working people will accelerate the pace of departure to other states. The shrinking tax base will also continue to shrink as a direct result. California is what the USA is becoming, it is just ahead by a few more years.

Always On Watch said...

Amnesty is not the solution! Immigration that is selective and a non-Leftist education system -- those would create more conservatives and more people who have something to think with.