Monday, November 12, 2012

Your Lives Are About to Get Much Worse, Americans

Monty Pelerin at American Thinker has a very depressing analysis of what Obama's re-election means to Americans (hat tip Donald Douglas at American Power).  Pelerin, like others, is predicting an economic collapse.  He writes:
His election ensures the continuing shift away from the Rule of Law, property rights, free men, and free markets. Obama's vision of how the world works ensures a dire economy until an economic collapse resets everything.
And this:
The United States and Europe have abandoned the fundamentals necessary for progress. Both are hopelessly committed to the failed ideas of Socialism. Both are headed for great catastrophe. The catastrophe extends beyond economic well-being and touches the foundations of society and civilization itself.

We are headed into an economic dark age, where standards of living will continue to decline and may collapse. Societies and civilizations will also regress.
Read the whole depressing article here.

Another article at Doug Ross Journal portrays a similar scenario, "We Have Lost" by Casey.  Casey writes:
The most productive people, the small business owners, the entrepreneurs and the honest wage earners of America are so demoralized right now I am not sure we will recover as a country. We have lost the most important election of our lifetime and did so after giving our best effort, spent the most money ever and working the hardest we have ever worked. The very people that America needs the most to generate a real recovery now have the least motivation to do so and worse, lack the confidence necessary to even justify the effort.
On polarization, he writes:
As a country we are hopelessly divided by a malignant polarization approaching that which divided us prior to the Civil War....The American can-do spirit, our optimism, our traditional dependence on our own ingenuity is now mere kindling on the advancing flame of an insidious yet steadily advancing socialism.
On the feeling of despair many now have:
Those of us who create real jobs, invest our capital, our fortunes and take the risks to build America, feel betrayed. The fundamentals of honest effort and hard work rendering the rewards associated with capitalism seem now like a cruel joke. We are now a targeted enemy not to be governed but coerced into submission by a lazy, corrupt, vindictive, arrogant government that is out for revenge, redistribution -- and to add a final insult -- one we believe is too morally bankrupt to lead.
Do read it all here.

Politics as usual is unlikely to turn the tide in time to avoid financial disaster and societal collapse.  Radical action may be necessary at some point, like the fledgling secession movements now underway.  Political protests of Obama's re-election are said to be proliferating -- that remains to be seen.  We must encourage their growth.  The legislatures of the red states must discuss and coordinate a unified refusal to cooperate with the radical regime now in Washington, including nullification of unconstitutional laws like Obamacare, open defiance of the Supreme Court's unconstitutional edicts, and suspension of the taxing authority of the federal government if that becomes necessary.  Note:  this is NOT a call for violence.  Our actions must proceed mainly through our state and local representatives.  Individual protests should proceed in peaceful ways, like this one.

We will not go gently into the dark night that looms before us.  We have not yet begun to fight.


Kurt Silverfiddle said...

America voted for Obamaism, and he's going to give it to us good and hard. As I heard someone on the radio say, the only consolation is that misery gets spread fairly evenly, so his voters will be feeling the consequences of their decision.

Stogie Chomper said...

Kurt, but will these idiots be smart enough to make the connection? I doubt it.

Liberty At'Stake said...

My mood exactly. I'm trying to stay more focused on "p*ssed off" than "depressed" - I think that will better for keeping up the fight.

Always On Watch said...


Many who suffer will not have the sense to make the connection. Really, they will not! As my father used to say, "Some people don't have anything to THINK WITH.

Stogie Chomper said...

I agree. Instead of seeing that Obama is the source of their misery, they will spin conspiracy theories about Karl Rove, the Koch Brothers, and Big Oil.