Sunday, November 04, 2012

Photoshopping as Therapy: Creating Some in Expectancy of a Romney Win

I hate this anxiety, waiting for Tuesday, waiting to know if we will have to suffer another four years of radical-leftwing-college-sophomore-redistributionism.  If Obama is re-elected, what will the gas prices be in 2016 when he leaves office?  If they double again, like they did in his first four years, we are looking at $9 a gallon gas.  Yes indeedy, liberals, do vote for Obama if you enjoy poverty.

All the news indicates the race is tied; one poll shows Romney up, another shows Obama up, one pundit says this, and another says that.  I suspect that Romney will win, because not all voters like to put their hand in the fire twice.  Most learn the first time that it hurts.

Nevertheless, who really knows?  Not I.  So instead of assuring my readers that I know the answer and that I have crunched the numbers proving a Romney victory, I Photoshop instead.  It's good therapy for my anxiety.  This morning I Photoshopped Nat Silverman dining on a big crow sandwich and Paul Krugman's facial expression when he learns Romney has won.  Both are funny and fun, but won't be posted until I know Romney and Ryan have been elected beyond all doubt.

So who else can I skewer?  I know, Cher said she would "cry forever" if Romney wins, that would be a worthy subject for Photoshop.  Who else?


Kurt Silverfiddle said...

Chris "tingle up my leg" Matthews, Rachel Madcow, Ed Schultz's head exploding in anger... All the MSLSD nutlogs

Stogie Chomper said...

Great suggestions! Thanks Kurt. David Axelrod too!