Thursday, November 08, 2012

Why the GOP Is Headed for the Boneyard

Pat Buchanan is a paleoconservative and I disagree with much of that philosophy.  However, in this essay from Vdare he discusses the political ramifications of amnesty for illegal aliens and the current influx of legal immigrants from the third world.  It is worth your attention.

Buchanan makes a very good point when he writes:
What does government do for them [the third-world immigrants]?

Subsidizes their housing and provides free education for their kids from Head Start through K-12, plus food stamps and school lunches, Pell Grants and student loans for college, Medicaid if they are sick, earned income tax credits if they work and 99 weeks of unemployment checks if they lose their job.

These are people who depend upon government.

Why would they vote for a party that is going to cut taxes they do not pay, but take away government benefits they do receive?
Why indeed.  Read it all here.


pjm said...

There is still the problem of writing off the demographic.... assuming you can't make in-roads.

In 2008, many Hispanics didn't want to vote for Obama because of the abortion Issue. That is something to build from. But they didn't. Hispanics that have risen to the Middle Class are many times Republicans; they are Conservative by nature. And they believe in bringing yourself up from your bootstrap; because they have lived it. They are family oriented and are very hard working. They didn't come to this country looking for a free ride or handout. They came here for an opportunity. And I think they are resentful at those on the Right that look down on them, like they are criminals. But at the same time they don't appreciate the Liberal Left wanting to give them everything .... because they are prideful.

Many Immigrants are small business owners. Truly small business; corner markets, donuts shops , nail salons etc These are all avenues that the Republicans can. use to get their message out. But instead they have allowed a bunch of big mouths spoil everything by putting fear amongst the immigrant populations. Maybe it's overblown, maybe the press is behind a conspiracy ... but the bottom line there are ways to attract the vote, and they have not been done. That doesn't mean you have to be pro amnesty..... but there was a real opportunity to lay out a "fair" plan; something that can realistically happen. Rick Perry had some interesting ideas during the primary.... it would of been a better direction. And let's be honest; for years Big Business has been a fan of immigration because of cheap labor. My Uncles were farming in the Valley in the early 1950's, and their workers were all illegal even back then.

One of the reasons that Republicans get more support in Texas from the Hispanic population is because of the lack of Labor Unions. The Unions in CA are full of Hispanics.... and you now who they are going to be led to vote.

All this being said... I have issues with people cheating the system and being in this country illegally. And we need to do something about stopping the influx of people illegally crossing the border. But there are a huge amount of Hispanics that are now here legally, and they are getting thrown into the "illegal" pile. I have equity in a Bistro in the East Bay.... and I was there the other night when our old linen delivery driver stopped by with his wife and Mother In Law for Dinner. It turns out he had been in Mexico for the last 7 months, so he had to give up his job. He was down there to go through the process of entering back into the US legally. He married a women from Central America, and she is US Citizen..... so he can now be here legally. He said it cost them 30k.... mainly in living expenses for the 7-months, travel costs etc.Plus they still had their mortgage here. But for the last 12 years he has been looking over his shoulder, worrying about the knock on the door, using false identification etc. He was willing to go through all that for the opportunity that the US offers. And this is where he wants to start a family. On one hand he broke the law.... but at the same time this guy is out there hustling. he is family oriented. He isn't on welfare. He isn't on meth or smoking crack. He has learned to speak English remarkably well. He will be a net positive.

I don't have all the answers, but I think there are things that the Republican Party can do to expand their base, while keeping to the core values.

Stogie Chomper said...

Thanks for your thoughtful comment.

George said...

The decision of this problem is simple (to tell, at least). Democracy has become the same thing as socialism today. So fix it. Freeloaders (everybody who gives less than takes) should not have the right to vote. If you are organized (several million white men) it is achievable. You could go on strike - refusing to pay part of your taxes. If you are several million they can't do anything bad to you. What would freeloaders do? Attack you to get the money that you don't really owe them? Without fixing democracy America and the West are doomed.