Thursday, November 29, 2012

Deck the Halls With Fiscal Folly, Fa la la la la, la la la la

This is Not Harry Reid
Elections have consequences.  There's a phrase we hear a lot these days.  And the disastrous consequences of Obama's re-election are becoming clearer by day.

Nasty little Democrats like Dick Durbin are saying that the Dems won't negotiate on spending.  They are just going to continue spending like drunken sailors on loco weed.  The wretched Harry Reid, who looks like that evil preacher in Poltergeist, is trying to get rid of the filibuster so his neo-Marxist party can continue to turn the USA into the next Venezuela (but without the oil).

According to Rush Limbaugh today, the Dems are again talking about seizing all private pension funds (like 401K's), nationalizing them so they can spend the money on more pork, welfare and entitlements, putting everyone on a government pension payment plan like Social Security, which as we all know is going broke.  So when the Dems do this, they will effectively be stealing the retirement of millions of people, exchanging those pension funds for worthless federal government IOU's.  (If this happens, it will undoubtedly be the trigger that launches the actual secession of various states and the shooting may start.)

My feeling is, if we are going to be transformed into a banana republic, why not act like one?  Here's hoping for a coup d'etat and summary executions of "progressives" in power, media and academia.  Okay, I wasn't really serious about the summary executions.  Concentration camps will do fine.  We can store them in Gitmo with the rest of the terrorists.

Am I joking?  Of course, but I have a legitimate point to make with this satire.  The Democrats have already dispensed with elections through massive vote fraud, partisan redistricting and disenfranchisement of the military.  They are dedicated to the acquisition of power through any means necessary; they are not committed to constitutional, representative, republican government.  So why would they object to a little thing like a coup?  It would just be taking Democrat tactics to the next level.

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