Wednesday, January 09, 2013

A Stogie Update (Personal Stuff)

French In Action
Since The Other McCain made me aware of it, I have been watching videos of the excellent French immersion series, "French In Action" (FIA) on YouTube.  Last night I completed episode 11.  There are 51, total, I think.  I listen to one or two at night just before sleep.

FIA is great ear training and builds confidence that one can actually understand spoken French!  Amazing.  I plan to take some intermediate or advanced French courses in the fall, along with continuing my studies of Spanish (grades are in, I got an A in 1-B).

Tax Season Has Started:  Now I  Can Buy Guns
Lately work opportunities for me have improved, though still quite anemic compared to those before Obama's election.  Looks like I will do some telecommuting consulting for start-up firms, and I have begun showing up at the tax office, though haven't yet had any appointments.  It is still quite early in the season and most people haven't received their W-2's, K-1's, 1099's, etc.

With increased chargeable hours, I may be able to put aside enough money to buy a Bushmaster rifle and a Glock handgun.  My 1911 Colt 45 works quite well, but the newer handguns have less kick and are therefore easier to aim during a violent confrontation.  I'll probably need around $1,000 to get the weapons I want.  I still have my two replica muzzle-loading rifles, 1855 Enfields.  I used them for reenacting as a Confederate soldier, but they are real rifles and fire real minie balls.  If you are really fast, you might be able to get off one shot every minute and a half.  It's a bitch ramming a minie ball down those rifled barrels, especially after they become somewhat fouled with spent gunpowder.  Yep, probably time to upgrade to newer technology.

Playing Bass Again
I am back with my old band and have had three practices.  The Rickenbacker bass plays like a dream.  The guys love it.

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