Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Kathy Griffin, Classless Creep Kisses Cooper's Crotch

Suggested Appearance for Serving Gay Men
Kathy Griffin is a vile leftist "comedienne," one whom I have Photoshopped twice before for her vileness.

Two years ago I pictured her as a lady of the night, and wrote:
Of course, Kathy Griffin isn't an actual whore. She would need actual customers for that. But she is a figurative whore for attention and publicity, and uses highly unethical means to achieve it.
Last night Griffin proved me right when she kissed Anderson Cooper's crotch on live TV, over the CNN network.  The New York Post says she "simulated oral sex" on Cooper.

Cooper is gay, so didn't enjoy the female-provided crotch play.  Maybe Griffin should have worn a fake handlebar mustache and spoke in a deep baritone, to make it more pleasurable for Cooper.

My friend Adrienne has links and another photo of Griffin in the act, here.

The New York Post has more commentary and pictures here.


Adrienne said...

Stogie - I felt some sympathy for Cooper as he tried to cover for her (and shut her the hell up, too.) What a vile woman. This is a great example of why I tell people to turn off their TV's.

Even the football games have been sexualized to the point that if I had a little boy I wouldn't want him watching a bunch of undressed "cheerleaders" cavorting about.

Stogie Chomper said...

Adrienne, let that be a lesson to any networks who foolishly supply Griffin with an opportunity to disgrace them.

Always On Watch said...


Not that Ms. Griffin has had any sense of decency or class. But still.