Sunday, January 06, 2013

"French In Action" Learning Episodes Now On You-Tube

Stacy McCain of The Other McCain is always scouring the internet for naughty but cute young women, probably because they provide strong incentives for men to visit his site.  Yesterday he found such eroticism in an article about a series of films made in the mid-1980's called "French In Action."  These films are for learning French by observation of French actors portraying everyday scenes of French life, and by listening to their conversations.  No English is used, the course is language immersion, which has been shown to be the fastest way for anyone to learn a new language.  These films represent "the Capretz Method," invented and presented by Pierre Capretz.

The main character is a lovely young nineteen year old woman, Mireille Bealleau, played by Valérie Allain.  Mireille sometimes goes bra-less and sometimes shows her very nice legs, and thus provides an erotic element for male students of French.  According to McCain, some Yale students complained about this back in the 1980's, calling it "sexist."

I watched the one You-Tube video McCain posted and found it quite helpful for actually learning French, and unlike at McCain, "learning French" as used here is not merely a pseudonym for "ogling beautiful young Valérie Allain."  I went to You-Tube and found that all fifty of the series have been posted there.  I was even able to download the pdf version of the book that accompanies this course.

Last night I watched the first six episodes of the series.  They were a great refresher on basic French, and I learned a few things I didn't know.  Even more remarkable, they attuned my ear to better understand spoken French.  I understand French fairly well in written form, but not in spoken form.  This series will undoubtedly improve my understanding of the latter.  I will continue to watch and listen until I exhaust all the available videos.

Here is the introductory video (No. 1 in the series) for those interested.


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