Thursday, January 03, 2013

The Principal Problem of Western Europe

This writer describes the spoiled brats of Western Europe, but his description also applies to those in the Occupy Movement as well.

New generations grew within the culture of rights and went to a school that taught them that life was a game and they didn't have to worry much about the future, because there is someone, the welfare state, which is responsible for their prosperity. These are the outraged, those weaned brats that we see today in the cities of Western Europe, asking for rights that nobody can give them. They are the major victims of the empty promises of the welfare state and their disappointment is manifest, as well as their growing frustration. They were born under the syndrome of the free lunch and the progress secured (by others), and their mental dullness prevents them from understanding such obvious things as every right has a cost, and that cost is called duty, hard and daily effort, personal responsibility and willingness to innovative.

By Mauricio Rojas -- Author of another rightest blog in Spanish (and one that I will add to my sidebar now).

Translated into English from an article at El Opinado Compulsivo.

The photo is interesting and funny, but really hasn't much to do with the article!  (I don't know about you, but  I want these monkeys as part of my landscaping!)


Opinador Compulsivo said...

Hi Stogie, thanks for the linkage and the mentions to El Opinador ! We'll return the courtesy ASAP.

By the way, if you were wondering, at El Opi we're 18 guys and gals hailing from Quebec (1), Buenos Aires (15), Madrid (1) and Claremont, CA (1).. So you'll find different writing styles, mixing English and Spanish in the same sentence (sometimes in the same word), and a wide selection of unrelated internet pictures to illustrate the posts (as you have noticed). And of course the occasional eye candy, but that's probably the way you found us, via The Other McCain (am I right) ?

Thanks again, !
Team Opinador Compulsivo

Stogie Chomper said...

Mike, yes indeed, I found you through The Other McCain. My interest was piqued because I am a student of the Spanish language, and your site provides some very challenging articles to translate. Of course, I could use a web translator to translate all articles into a crude form of English, but there would be no challenge in that! Also, your articles support the cause of free market conservatism and I find much wisdom in them. The Eye Candy is simply an added benefit! :)

Anonymous said...

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