Monday, January 21, 2013

Highly Historical Film About Abraham Lincoln Passed Over for Academy Award

I of course, refer to the film, "Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter."  No, it's not really historically accurate, but not much less so than Spielberg's "Lincoln."

As a great and glorious example of moral rectitude, Lincoln was a fraud.  When I have time, I will tell you all facts about the Emancipation Proclamation that most of you never learned in the fact that it didn't free a single slave -- nor was it intended to.  Perhaps our Second Coming of Lincoln will issue a Confiscation Proclamation, ending gun ownership.  But that would be unconstitutional, just like the first proclamation.  However, that is discussion for another time.

Meanwhile, when you go to the movies, pass up "Lincoln."  It is total B.S.  Believing in myths and feel-good but false history does no one any good.

In fact, "feel-good" history is often a ruse by which to justify modern politics in the here and now.  Carl Sandburg's  biography of Lincoln, written in the 1930's, was a disguised justification for FDR's New Deal.  Spielberg's "Lincoln" is presented for the same purpose, to justify Obama's overreach and suspension of the Constitution.  The more you buy into Hollywood's phony Lincoln, the less willing you will become to oppose Obama, whose policies are probably less extreme than those of Old Abe.

So you think Old Abe was a hero, even though he started a war without the approval of Congress, arrested and imprisoned thousands of US citizens without charges or trial, illegally suspended Habeas Corpus, ordered the arrest of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court for ruling it unconstitutional, shut down hundreds of newspapers who disagreed with his policies, acquiesced in the illegal and unconstitutional deportation of an Ohio congressman (for opposing him), and issued a sweeping proclamation without the participation or agreement of Congress.

Further, he ordered Union troops to burn Southern universities, private homes and farms, to destroy livestock and confiscate medicines, and to use captured Confederate officers as human shields against artillery.  His glorious Yankees raped Southern black women, used Southern black men for target practice, and kidnapped others to be pressed into labor for the Union Army.  Other Northern troops stole private property from private homes, carrying off the silverware and candlesticks.  Think of that the next time you hear "Battle Hymn of the Republic."

Lincoln was a dictator; there is absolutely nothing about the man that can be called "American."  He operated completely outside of the law and the Constitution and managed to kill more Americans than any foreign despot ever could.  His time in office was a reign of terror, not enlightenment, not justice, not heroism and certainly not morality.

As for the weepy and wimpy Lincoln of Spielberg's propaganda, he did not exist.  Lincoln despised black people, considered them to be an inferior race that should be deported to Africa or Central America.  His opposition to slavery in the territories was for economic and racial reasons, not equality.

Lincoln's war on the South was all about preventing secession, not about emancipation.  The Northern army was called "the Union Army," not "the Abolition Army," for a reason.  This fact becomes more pertinent and important every day, now that tens of thousands of Americans in every state in the Union have petitioned Obama for the right to peacefully secede from the socialist tyranny now under construction.  When states actually do begin to secede once again, Obama will undoubtedly try to stop them by brute force...just as Lincoln did.  And if you buy into the Lincoln myth, how could you possibly oppose him?

Aha, now you see the reason for this propaganda.  You are being trained to embrace tyranny as great patriotism, and Obama as the reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln.


Rick Darby said...

I don't claim expertise on the history of Lincoln and the War Between the States, but I long ago discovered that "Honest" Abe had a very dark side. Serious people need to acknowledge unpleasant truths. Still, I must admit I sometimes get nostalgic for those long-ago days when we could simply admire those American "heroes" and "great men" we learned about in school.

Washington and Jefferson were far from flawless themselves but they were genuinely great men. Of course the Left has been trying for years to encourage us to despise Jefferson. I wonder if schools now teach anything about him other than his keeping slaves and supposedly fathering a child with one of them.

Anonymous said...

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Stogie Chomper said...

Rick, it would be more accurate to say that Lincoln's dark side was most of him. As for Washington and Jefferson, they were men of their times, and it would be wrong to judge men of the 18th century by 21st century standards. They were indeed great men; both of them treated their slaves very well and Washington freed his slaves upon his death. I do not know offhand if Jefferson did the same.

Stogie Chomper said...

A note to the nutcase known as Ema Nymton, now commenting under various pseudonyms and fake IP addresses: I will continue deleting all of your comments, as you are banned from this site. Further, if you weren't so ignorant, you would know that tens of thousands of Americans have recently signed petitions at the White House website for permission to peacefully secede. Those petitions were from citizens in every state in the Union. On the question of secession, I have no trouble at all attracting like-minded supporters of same, and in the secession movement is particularly serious and supported.