Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Random Rimshots for January 8, 2013

BCS Championship Game
I watched the BCS title game last night between Alabama and Notre Dame.  The latter didn't even show up. They "phoned it in," to use a popular metaphor.  I like Alabama, but wouldn't have minded seeing ND win one for the gipper (George Gipp), who played his last game 93 years ago, in 1920.  Shortly thereafter, Gipp got strep throat, which became pneumonia, and he died at age 25.  This time, the whole team expired, and Alabama won its third championship in four years, 42-14.  Reached by spiritual medium, George Gipp's only comment was WTF??

View From the Right opines on the recent newspaper outing of gun owners in New York.  Auster writes:

When the Journal News published the names and addresses of all legal handgun owners in Westchester and Rockland counties, it was treating legal gun owners as enemies of society. It was in effect commencing civil war. Did they think the civil war they were starting would only go one way?

Of course, the news staff is a bunch of silly, airhead liberal women who didn't like it when bloggers retaliated, by publishing the names and addresses of the Journal News' staff.  Some have suggested that we should publish the names of women in New York who have had an abortion (nice idea, but no database).

Auster's right about the "civil war."  The leftists in our midst feel very strongly about eliminating our rights under the Constitution -- and we feel even more strongly that they shall not.  This nasty episode illustrates well the deep divide among the populace as to what kind of country the USA will be.

Even More Shocking is the recent publication of a Map of Texas Gun Owners.  

Elizabeth Warren, Fake Indian, New Leftist Senator from Massachusetts, did not register herself as the "first Native American senator" from Massachusetts.  It seems real Indians outted her once too many times, and the fact that Warren went trick-or-treating with a feather in her hair at age 8, doesn't really qualify her as "part Indian."

Warren is not the first airhead from Massachusetts either, a state that we should give back to Great Britain.  If they won't take it, we should fight a new war to make them, a kind of "reverse war for independence."  While we're at it, maybe we can force Mexico to take back California (officially this time).

Ace of Spades says there is no longer any reason for Warren's "Native American" charade, since she has now been elected, and Halloween is still ten months away.  Ace posted this photo of Chief Warren, somewhat tweaked by me:

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