Monday, January 21, 2013

The Left's War on Children: Kindergartner Charged With Terrorism for Bubble Gun Threat

Moonbattery, who never ever links to any other websites or blogs (but I do, in spite of this), has an interesting post about a five year old girl, a kindergartner, who was suspended for ten days from a Pennsylvania elementary school for "making terroristic threats."

The little girl was waiting at the school bus stop when she told another girl that she was going to shoot her and herself with a pink plastic Hello Kitty bubble gun.  The toy gun shoots soap bubbles.

The Principal of Mount Carmel Elementary
Met With Reporters But For Some Reason
His Voice Was Muffled and Incomprehensible
The heroic administrators of Mount Carmel Area Elementary School moved quickly to lessen the threat, following a rash of terrorist attacks worldwide using the fearsome Hello Kitty Bubble Gun (see above, where an assassination attempt barely failed when the Bubble Gun ran out of soap.  The victim was rushed to a hospital where he was put on life support in the intensive care wing. We can only thank God that the terrorist didn't use a larger caliber weapon, e.g. a squirt gun.)

In light of the violent record of Hello Kitty products, the school administrators questioned the little five-year-old girl for three hours.  The child was given a psychiatric examination which showed her not to be a threat.  On that basis, her suspension was lessened to only four days.  We are told that no bail has been set, in spite of the fact that the kindergartner deliberately failed to register the bubble gun with police.  Incredibly, no consultation was made with Interpol to discover other terroristic plots and pogroms.

Obviously, the school officials at Mount Carmel Area Elementary School have their heads WAY up their asses.  One can only wonder at the extent of the psychological damage these assholes perpetrated on an innocent child.  Many idiotic school officials have a "zero tolerance policy" for any threat, no matter how far-fetched or downright ridiculous, that occurs on school grounds (or at bus stops, apparently).  What they really have is a "zero tolerance policy" for common sense.  They have become radical extremists, brainwashing and terrorizing innocent school children.  THEY are the ones who should require a psychiatric examination.

Officials at Mount Carmel Elementary:  you have my profound disgust.  You are not forces for good, but for evil, deserving only of contempt.


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