Friday, January 01, 2010

2010: The Sun Rises on a Brand New Year

2010:  I like the sound of that.  Two thousand ten.  It's a nice, round number.

A new year seems to stir the human soul with fresh possibilities.  It feels like opening all of the windows and letting a fresh breeze blow away the stale air.  Time to start anew.  I must not let my life continue in the same, well-worn rut.  Now is the time to think of new approaches, new strategies, new plans.  What has worked in the past, but no longer works, must be discarded and replaced.

The arenas that must be explored and changed are these:
1.  What I do for money (work and career) in this new and radically changed economy
2.  What I do for personal enrichment (e.g., music, writing, reading, Photoshop)
3.  Personal relationships:  how to improve and strengthen existing relationships with friends, allies and family.
4.  Where I live.  Do I stay where I am or should I move where there may be better opportunities?

January 1st is always a good day to take inventory of your life and plan for needed changes.

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