Thursday, January 07, 2010

Stogie's Favorite Blogs

This morning I seriously trimmed back my blog roll.  I deleted sites that I seldom visit or read.

Here are the sites (excluding the obvious large and powerful blogs) that I do read daily:

1.  American Power.  Donald Douglas recently passed the 1 million hits mark and did it with quality and quantity of content.  His gimmick:  he don't need no stinkin' gimmicks.  Thorough and timely coverage of breaking news and events are what earned Donald his million hits.  There are no shortcuts, but you can get there if you try.  Donald is a great blogger to emulate, and you have to get up pretty early to scoop Donald.

2.  Left Coast Rebel.  LCR is another blog that makes use of the quantity/quality aspect of successful blogging.  Plus, the blog owner is just a good guy, a friend, someone to brainstorm ideas with.  He has given me a number of helpful tips.

3.  Another Black Conservative.  Clifton is a great ally and friend, but also an excellent thinker and writer.  I like to describe his exposition as "solid gold conservatism," because it is pure and undiluted.  He is generally spot-on in his analyses of current events, and shows warmth and friendship to other bloggers.

4.  Infidel Bloggers Alliance.  These folks have been supportive friends since I started blogging four years ago.  They cover the Islamic threat very well and Pastorius of IBA has become a good friend.

5.  The Astute Bloggers.  These guys like to run saucy headlines and run at the left from unexpected angles.  They are thought provoking, entertaining, informative AND they can write.

6.  The Camp of the Saints.  Bob Belvedere's site is entertaining and frequently displays legacy cheesecake.  No, not the eating kind, where the legacy attribute could lead to food poisoning, but the actresses of Hollywood's golden age, before they went bonkers and jumped off a leftwing cliff.  Bob is also a good friend who lends a hand to other bloggers when he can.

I think it's time to say "thank you" to these bloggers for their friendship, assistance and support, but also for their excellent contributions to conservative blogging.

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