Saturday, January 16, 2010

Can Scott Brown Win in Massachusetts? (Video: "Massachusetts Miracle")

This Tuesday, Massachusetts voters will go to the polls to elect a new U.S. senator to replace Ted Kennedy, who died in office on August 25, 2009.  Brown opposes Democrat candidate Martha Coakley.  There is reason for Republicans to hope for a Scott Brown win.  Some polls show him neck and neck with his Democrat opponent.

However, a Scott Brown win is not a sure thing by any means.  Polls have been all over the place.  Who is ahead in the race isn't clear at all, though it is conceded that Scott Brown has an even chance.

One blogger has stated that Scott Brown is a liberal Republican, even more so than Dede Scozzafava.  That may be true, but I suspect that Brown is still wide to the right of Coakley and Ted Kennedy.  Barney Frank agrees:  he says that a Brown win means that national health care is dead.  God, I hope so.

The defeat of Obamacare is sufficient reason to hope for a Brown win.  If he wins and the vote is close, expect another Democrat election-stealing campaign via the courts.  We'll cross that bridge when we have to; for now, go Scott Brown!

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