Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tornado Watch for San Jose, Santa Clara and San Francisco Bay Area

A tornado watch is in effect in my neck of the woods -- namely, the Bay Area, including Morgan Hill, where my favorite cigar store is located.  Call out the national guard!  Sandbags now!!

Seriously, I have never seen a tornado in California, though I lived through several as a child in New Mexico and Missouri.  Winds have been strong here and it has been raining heavily.   My band practice was called off due to a prolonged power outage in San Jose.  Tornado?  I'll believe it when my roof disappears.

Right now the weather is fairly mild -- no wind, but the streets are still quite wet.

Update for Jan 21 (Thursday) -- The U.S. Severe Weather Map doesn't show any tornado warnings for California today, but there are plenty of warnings about possible flooding.  See the map here.

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