Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Massachusetts: the Morning After the Night Before

I awoke to a heavy rain and howling wind this morning. Gaia was angry because her chief high priest was repudiated by Massachusetts voters and howled her rage and splattered her tears against my window panes.

Get over it baby.  It's called politics.  When Obama won the election, I wrote that the tide rolls out, but eventually will roll back in again.  Scott Brown is the first incoming wave.  Our fortunes in the GOP will be refloated as voters realize that Democrats are absolutely bonkers, irresponsible and downright mad.  Giving a supermajority to the Democrats is as fiscally unwise as giving your 14 year old kid a credit card with an unlimited balance and turning him/her loose in a shopping mall.

Meanwhile, Democrat pundits are in denial:  they say that voters are equally angry at Republicans as they are at Democrats; that the voters of Massachusetts were motivated by "anger" (as opposed to calm, rational thought), or that they wanted media attention by supporting Brown.

However, the real truth is that liberalism destroys economic prosperity and eliminates jobs, making the political blowback a certainty.  As I wrote over a year ago, on November 6, 2008:
With the election of Obama, many Americans have purchased optimism and "hope," but their feelings of elation will be temporary. The collectivist agenda that Obama has promised always, always damages an economy and makes it much harder for ordinary citizens to make ends meet.
This wasn't due to some incredible brilliance on my part.  It is common sense that has proved true over and over again through human history.

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