Thursday, January 14, 2010

Disaster in Haiti

Earthquakes can be among nature's worst disasters.  They strike suddenly and, in a few moments, destroy entire towns and kill many people.  Haiti was victim this week as the island nation lies in ruins with thousands dead or missing. Once again it will be the American military and the American dollar that will bail out the afflicted.  (Tell me again why "Americans are hated" worldwide.)

Here in California, we have earthquakes on a regular basis.  Mostly they are just small shocks, thrilling for a few seconds and then gone.  I live almost smack-dab in the middle of the San Andreas fault, the source of many earthquakes.  A few days ago California had an earthquake somewhere north of Sacramento.  It was a strong one, but I did not even feel it.

The reason that third world nations suffer more in earthquakes is, as Pat Robertson has explained, because they made deals with the devil sometime in the past, and old Lucifer has finally shown up to collect interest on the debt.  Either that or the fact that third world countries have terrible or nonexistent building codes.  A nation that is largely a collection of shanties, i.e. poorly built buildings and houses, will suffer more during an earthquake.  The reason is simple:  their structures are more fragile and less stable and fall down a lot easier than say, my house in Hollister.

In any case, our hearts go out to the people of Haiti.  May those trapped in the rubble be rescued, and fast.  Food, water and medical supplies are on the way.

See NY Times article here.

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